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Get Girls Going

Entrepreneuring the Future of Leadership

Get Girls Going is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that empowers black teen girls to become entrepreneurs. As a way to increase the representation of true leadership in business, Black Women need platforms. To this end, GGG runs a 4-week intensive summer incubator that grooms teen girls to enter their womanhood with the skills and networks to become leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

The Ladies Who Make It Happen

Teen Entrepreneurs

GGG Teen Entrepreneurs are 10th and 11th grade girls. These girls are selected by the GGG Entrepreneurship & Innovation Education Team to attend the 4-week intensive summer incubator where they will learn from GGG staff and serial entrepreneurs, named Resource Volunteers, how to build her own business from the ground up.

GGG College Mentors

GGG College Mentors are young black women who are enrolled in an accredited college or university. These young women are high energy and on fire for building up GGG Teen Entrepreneurs who are attending and have already graduated from the 4-week intensive summer incubator. Each GGG Mentor will be paired with 1 Teen Entrepreneur.

Resource Volunteers

Resource Volunteers are black women who are serial entrepreneurs who have credibility and proven performance in the business world AND/OR women who have begun their careers as professionals in varying fields. These women will be an invaluable resource and service to GGG, especially to the GGG Teen Entrepreneurs during the 4-week intensive summer incubator and throughout the year.

Get Girls Going Program Life Cycle


Girls who want to become GGG Entrepreneurs and Mentors will apply on by April 1st of each year.

Teen EntrepreneurGGG College Mentor


During the months of April-June, Get Girls Going will undergo intense application review and interviewing. Get Girls Going will select 10 GGG Entrepreneurs that combined have a diverse range of topics they propose to focus on.  

After the GGG Entrepreneurs are selected, 10 Entrepreneurship Mentors and 10 Resource Volunteers will go through the same interviewing process. The goal of recruiting these two groups of women is to closely align their skill sets/personalities/ and passions with the GGG Entrepreneurs they will be paired with for the next year.



Get paid to create and learn how to lead your own business 

Get matched with your very own Entrepreneurship Mentor 

Select successful black women to shadow in the business area you are interested in

Collaborate with other black women and girls 

Learn Digi Fabrication software and machinery 

Get college and career pathways support

Connect with local organizers, makers, and entrepreneurs 

Professional development